One colour Ink Printing

Litho Printing throughout Kent, London & the UK

Printing From Good Time Print

Here at Goodtime Print Design (Digital) Ltd in Kent we offer a comprehensive one colour ink printing service through our litho printers from our base here in Kent on the outskirts of London. Litho printing is low in cost for flyer printing in relation to volume and is the perfect solution for large volume flyer and leaflet printing.

Our one colour litho printing services in Kent and London are second to none and so are our prices as we strive to deliver the highest quality at affordable prices. One colour printing is generally used on flyers and leaflets designed for mass distribution, hence the reason we use litho printing.

Leaflets help promote your business and deliver your sales message to the doorstep and inform potential customers of your product, contact information and website. Leaflets are cost effective marketing tools which through our one colour litho print allows you to reach potential customers in large numbers at low cost.

Flyer printing is a long established marketing tool used by companies up and down the country across all business sectors. Use our experience and one colour printing quality to kick start any campaign.

We print our one colour printing on top quality 80gsm white paper. At additional cost upgrade to 100gsm white paper or 80gsm coloured paper here at our base in Kent.

Prices quoted are for one colour, one side on 80gsm paper

We have yellow, blue, pink and green pastel coloured paper (at extra cost).

There may be an artwork charge if your flyer requires typesetting therefore we always advise for you to get in touch upon ordering to see what position your artwork is in.

Quantity S/S
NO del
INC del D/S
NO del
INC del
5,000 £40.00 £50.00 £52.00 £62.00
10,000 £50.00 £60.00 £65.00 £75.00
20,000 £83.00 £93.00 £107.90 £117.90
5,000 £41.00 £51.00 £53.30 £63.30
10,000 £67.50 £77.00 £87.10 £97.10
20,000 £122.50 £142.50 £159.25 £179.25
50,000 £204.00 £254.00 £265.20 £315.20
100,000 £395.00 £495.00 £513.50 £613.50
5,000 £70.00 £80.00 £91.00 £101.00
10,000 £123.50 £143.50 £160.55 £180.55
5,000 £129.00 £149.00 £167.70 £187.70
10,000 £237.00 £277.00 £308.10 £348.10