5 tips to designing an effective A4 poster

15/05/2014 11:39 AM by Good Time Print

When it comes to designing an A4 poster, we can often forget some of the key points that help us to advertise in an effective manner. Simple things are usually the most effective in all aspects of life. Complicated or more complex ideas always seem to have too many downfalls, whereas the simple things, well, they don’t require any explanation, they simply require appreciation.

The same applies to an A4 poster, they are simple in the sense that they are conveniently sized, can be very attractive when the right colours and techniques are used, and offer a much cheaper alternative to overwhelmingly large posters. In the long run, A4 posters can help you save money, use less paper, and save time in the actual designing of the posters, given that you don’t have to cover as much space.

In order to get the most our of your advertising, feel free to follow our 5 top tips to designing an effective A4 poster.

1) Space Matters - Here at Goodtime Print we are very passionate when it comes to making sure that your poster designs prove to be an effective method of advertising. When it comes to A4 printing white space is more vital than ever due to the limited space that comes with A4 posters. Make sure that you include plenty of white space in your poster to allow for easy readability. Although it is known as white space it doesn’t necessarily mean white, it can be a different colour, it just refers to lots of the same colour.

2) Use Text Appropriately - When incorporating text into a poster that is A4 it needs to instantly grab your audience by being clear and concise. Make sure you choose a font style and size that will work well in the A4 space by making sure it is not too small or too big, and most importantly make sure it is clear and readable. It is also very important to use the same font on your poster as you do elsewhere to help build your brand. It is also best practice when it comes to A4 posters that you adopt a less is more approach when it comes to adding text. You won’t have the space for lots of text and all your audience will have time for is the key points you are trying to get across.

3) Incorporate QR Codes - A QR code is a scannable bar code for phones and tablets which allows you to provide the key points on your A4 poster but gives your audience somewhere else to go that gives them all of the relevant information that they need. A QR code gives you an opportunity to do this is a friendly, convenient and attractive way. It also is a great way to avoid over describing and adding lots of content that you don’t need at that moment, especially when printing on A4.

4) Optimise The Use Of Images - As with many aspects of advertising, images are an essential part of any design and A4 should be no different. When we say images we don’t necessarily mean photos, but graphics too. It is important to have graphics or photos that stand out but also just as important to not overdo it! This is especially relevant on A4 posters due to the limited space available.

5) Be Careful With Your Colour Choices - It is always quite tempting to go overboard with colour because you want to make the maximum impact but in reality it could do the opposite and repel readers, in most cases the “less is more” approach is the best. If you have certain brand colours make sure you stick to them and don’t stray, remember you are trying to build a brand which people will remember! Make sure when it comes to colour you remember our top tip of keeping white space to allow your text to be easily seen, no matter what your colour scheme is.

We’d just like to thank those of you who have taken the time out of your day to read our blog and hope you’ve found our tips insightful. Goodtime try and give help where we can and our blog provides a great platform to do so.

If you need help with any other aspects of the printed marketing world, then by all means give us a call and we will do our best to help you out!