Brochures and their importance in the business world!

28/07/2014 07:18 AM by Good Time Print

For a long time now brochures have been a popular marketing tool in terms of B2B and B2C business, but they can do much more than just provide you with information. The information you provide is important, yes. But, brochures can help your business generate leads and create more sales, which we all know what that means, more money! In todays blog, Goodtime Print will look at how printed brochures can help you as a business owner or a marketing manager to generate more leads and in turn, a higher percentage of conversions!

Goodtime Prints 3 top tips to generating more business with brochures:


1) Tangible offers for your customers to feel and hold

So, you might be asking yourself by this point, how can printed brochures help get you sales?

One of the biggest advantages to using brochures is providing your customers with something tangible, something they can hold and physically feel. This benefits the customer as they can take it with them and read it at home in a comfortable setting, with no distractions. Another benefit is that brochures are a particular useful item if you are selling something which costs a lot of money. If you’re product is expensive like a car, house or some form of technology then effectively, your brochures acts somewhat like a catalogue, giving your customers the freedom to browse through and see which one they like. With any product or service that you might be informing your customers of inside your brochure, you have the opportunity to list the benefits of each product and your customer will be far more likely to purchase from you as a company.

If we use a house as an example. A customer is far more like to buy it if they are provided with a printed brochure that showcases all the features and benefits of the house. This adds to the buying experience as the customer will effectively have the products in their hands in the form of a printed brochure. This way they can make an informed decision by reading in depth about your products, rather than being bombarded by a salesperson.


2) Use a detailed approach to grab your readers attention

Other printed materials like banners, leaflets, posters, business cards and flyers are all pretty limited in terms of what you can print on to them. With these different forms of printed products, the less you put on, the greater effect they will generally have. You stick to the vitally important pieces of information that will stand out to the customer in question. With these products, you have less space to work with so your creativity is the determining factor in whether or not you sell your product or service.

Brochures are slightly different however. With extra space and the choice of how many pages you put in, the opportunity to go into more detail about your product or services means you will deliver a greater impact at trade shows, as part of a direct mail campaign, or even when picked up from your place of work. By explaining exactly what you are offering and not worrying about the space means you can express yourself in different ways and tell a captivating story which will sell your products. Always remember how important detail is when it comes to creating your next brochure!


3) Include a special offer, vouchers or some kind of coupon

The opportunity to add as much detail as you want to your printed brochure is a great one, but as well as going into depth about what you are offering, you can also as many special offers, coupons or vouchers as you like. These act as an excellent encouragement to your customers to go on and buy your product or service. The potential to get new customers to visit your online store or you actual shop cannot be underestimated. Because brochures are generally bigger than other marketing materials, you can insert whatever you like in between pages. Coupons, vouchers or even leaflets which promote a new product, can all be equally as effective as the next.

What now?  

Well for those of you that use brochures on a regular basis, hopefully these tips have been helpful to you. If you have any other bonus tips you would like to share with us, feel free to visit us on Facebook and Twitter to connect with us. Thank you for reading!