Christmas Printing Colours

15/12/2014 11:46 AM by Good Time Print

Christmas is an excellent time of year for promoting your business, as whatever line of work you are in, you are likely to see an increase in business over the Christmas period. Your promotional material should show that your business is in the Christmas spirit, as this increases the chance that your advertising will be noticed. The use of colour is very important for this, and there are four main options that you have in terms of colour in order to achieve this.

Traditional Christmas Colours

Traditional colours such as red and white, are always a good choice for Christmas advertising. These colours always make people feel like Christmas is just around the corner and can make them pay attention to the message that you are giving across.

Icy Colours

Many major stores use icy colours including light blue, white and silver as part of their Christmas marketing campaigns due to the effectiveness of these colours and how good they look together. Most people want a white Christmas and colours that remind them of snow will help get people in the Christmas spirit.

Earth Colours

Green, brown and white or similar colours make people feel festive because they remind them of Christmas trees and wreaths. This promotes a feeling of wellbeing and for this reason these colours are often used by the beauty industry.

Colours That Complement Your Brand

If you have particular colours that people associate with your brand, then there is no reason why these cannot be incorporated into your Christmas marketing. A simple way to do this is to put some Christmas images such as baubles or gifts on your leaflet that are in your brand colours.

When it comes to printing promotional material for Christmas, it is important to plan in advance so the printing can become part of your whole marketing campaign. Knowing what colours you will use in your promotional material can help you plan the rest of your campaign around this.

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