The importance of quality leaflets

10/02/2014 01:53 PM by Good Time Print

Here at Goodtime Print we print a lot of leaflets that we always make sure have been printed to a high standard as well as incorporating a good design to attract potential customers. When it comes to leaflet distribution it is very important that when it comes to your leaflet design it needs to be eye catching and attractive to the potential customer otherwise the chances are your leaflet will just end up in the bin, the general rule is that if your customers aren't interested within the first two seconds of looking at it then your leaflet is very unlikely to create a conversion. You have to think how many times you have been handed a badly designed or cheap feeling leaflet and just completely disregarded it because it hasn't caught your eye.

A very good example of badly designed and cheap looking leaflets are takeaway menus which can be very damaging for business especially in such a competitive market where a good image is very important. When takeaway menus are printed for distribution they are very often done so very cheaply which means that they are going to be low quality and is not going to give off the desired effect. When it comes to leaflet distribution you need to make sure that you consider aspects such as an eye catching design and attractive headline offers to make sure that your leaflet grab attention and converts as many sales for you as possible. When distributing badly designed and cheap looking leaflets you are going to find that all of your efforts will have been wasted and that your leaflets will have been completely ignored by potential customers who you could have acquired had your leaflet been high quality.

If you need some help when it comes to the design of your leaflets then make sure you get in touch with us here at Goodtime Print as we are experts in the field of leaflet printing and we have a good knowledge of the best ways to get customer conversions out of leaflet distribution through high quality print combined with an eye catching design.